Fantasy Football: My Army of One....Sort of

After turning a share of first place into a 4 game losing streak to end the season (including two playoff losses), I decided to bench most of my team during the final week's battle for 8th place. Here's the excerpt I posted to my league's page:

After several failed attempts to firesale his team's talent, Aaron Reichman, owner of the team previously known as Bill Buckner previously known as Sevin of Nine previously known as Daddy Day Care previously known as Culpepper's Bench, has announced that his team will no longer be participating in this league. Said Reichman, "I TO'd them and told them not to come back. Go play golf or something, where a 1 is actually a good score."

Reichman said he is renaming his team "Army of One" in reference to Shaun Alexander as the only player that will suit up next Sunday in the battle for 8th place. "I'd bench him too, but I figure he's earned it by making that No-Cut list. Besides, he's going for that TD record, so he should help me break 10 points this week."

When asked why some other players weren't worthy of suiting up, Reichman responded, "What, you think Hines Ward deserves another chance after getting that 1 point this week? Then maybe I should start Joey Galloway 3 times then since he had 3 points!"

As it turns out, I forgot to actually bench my kicker and my defense. I only benched the other position players (QB, WR, TE, RB). So....Alexander goes for a huge game on the ground and the Buffalo DEF returns a kickoff and an interception for a TD. Net result, I win 77-71 with only 3 players. Not too shabby.

But I really wanted 8th place, not 7th....

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