Madden NFL 07 First Impressions

I knew I had no intentions of dropping $60 for the new version of Madden, seeing as I had already read many posts from upset gamers about the lack of inclusion of co-op. Why would they remove it? Isn't that the fun of Xbox Live, where you can play with your friends, not necessarily against them?

Regardless, I downloaded the free demo from the marketplace just to see what it was like. Aside from it being very pretty, I didn't get a whole lot of realism on my first try. Here's a rundown of my game, which is limited to 2-minute quarters or something mind you:

1. My first offensive play from scrimmage: 79 yard TD run for Shaun Alexander. Ummm...Did I get lucky, is the game that easy, or did my accidental pressing of the A button to juke turn out to be the most incredible move ever?

2. Literally the next offensive play from scrimmage for the CPU after I kicked off: I return an interception of Roethlisberger for a TD.

3. The next offensive play from scrimmage after the returned interception: I pick Big Ben off again and return it for a TD.

What's going on here? And just for good measure, on my next offensive series, I get picked off by the CPU and they return it for a TD. Awesome. Good job EA.


Nate said...

Yet another game to skip for the 360. Man, we need something fun besides PGR3 and GR3! Just one original title would be nice. Kinda sick of sequels.

Anonymous said...

I only want new football games for the rosters. I still have--what--Madden 2004 or something? It's somewhere under some dust ...