My Mac mini: Was New, Now Old

I finally finished installing new memory, a 2 Gb matched pair, into my new Mac mini. But this week's release of speed bumped Mac mini's proved yet again that your new computer can be outdated before you even get it up and running. I picked up my mini less than a month ago, and just got the new RAM chips for it today.

Granted, part of that was my fault after I ordered the wrong memory and had to do a return. To make matters worse, the new memory I ordered went up in price since then and Apple's version went down in price. That basically wiped out any price difference between ordering the memory 3rd party and getting it as part of build-to-order machine.

So, if I had ordered the new machine today, I'd have a faster processor and the same memory for about the same price, if not cheaper. And I wouldn't have had to use a putty knife to take the case of the mini about 15 times in order to get it to snap back on properly. Ugh.

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