My First Jumbotron

The Sabres improved to 20-3-2 tonight in their shootout win against the Rangers. It was the first game I got to go to this year, and it was honestly pretty boring until the end. Once Buffalo went down 3-2, I told Missy that it was gonna get good from there on out, since Buffalo often decides to play well only when they are losing.

So yes, in the end, we got to see a good game. Awesome comeback to tie it, great penalty kill in OT, and nice goal with great goaltending in the shootout. Plus, Missy and I got on the jumbotron. No, it was not the Kiss Cam. It was just us standing there clapping. I honestly would not have seen it but Missy pointed us out.

At the start of the third, the lights went dim for a while. says it was a power surge. But someone next to us said parts of downtown Buffalo were without power and that HSBC Arena was running on generators. It was uber windy on the way to Buffalo, so it wouldn't surprise me if power was lost.

By the way, I posted the pic of Briere scoring in the shootout to highlight why some goalies aren't regular starters and why Ryan Miller is the best breakaway goaltender in the game today. Look how close Briere (and the puck) are to Weekes. Seriously, man. You've gotta poke check that thing or you will get scored on every time!

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ekko said...

Glad to know you and Mssy weren't blown away in Buffalo! We had a real windy night here in NJ, too.

Keep the Sabres highlights coming, Unless they face off against the Rangers, I only bother to learn about the Sabres accomplishments through your blog.