Dallas and Some Oh So Wacky Endings

Most people at this point have heard about, and are still in disbelief about, Tony Romo and the Cowboys losing in the Wild Card playoff game yesterday. That has to be one of the craziest endings to a football game I've ever seen. It reminds me of the back and forth game between Pittsburgh and Indy last year, with Bettis fumbling on the one yard line and Big Ben somehow saving a TD. To try to recap the Dallas/Seattle madness from last night, there was:

  • Seattle turning over on downs while trying to tie the game on 4th and goal from the 1.
  • Dallas fumbling in the end zone on the very next play for a safety.
  • Seattle scoring a TD but missing the 2-point conversion that would have put them up by a FG.
  • Dallas driving to the 1 yard line but having the first down call overturned by replay to set up 4th down from the 1 and a half.
  • Romo fumbling the snap on a chip shot 19 yard field goal.
  • Romo scrambling for the end zone or the 1 yard line to pick up a first, but getting neither.
  • Seattle still needing to run a play to get out of the shadow of the end zone so they don't give up a safety.
  • Dallas failing to convert a hail mary attempt with 2 seconds left.

Did I miss anything? As if that isn't crazy enough for Dallas sports fans, on Thursday night, the Stars had a 5-4 lead with 10 seconds left in their game against the Oilers. Let's recap that:

  • Edmonton, with their goalie pulled, turns the puck over at their own blue line.
  • Dallas walks in alone, with an emtpy net remember, and misses when the puck jumps over the player's stick.
  • With less than 10 seconds now remaining, Edmonton picks up the puck and goes coast to coast, scoring to tie the game and send it to OT.
  • Dallas manages to redeem themselves with a win in the shootout.

Ugh. I'm out of breath now.

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