Where is the Sabres "A" Game?

After Monday's 1-0 loss, I think the stat of the game was this: Roy/Vanek/Drury/Briere combined for 0 shots on goal. So let's see. That's Buffalo's top 3 centerman and their leading scorer from the regular season. I don't think you are going to win a game that way. And it's a shame after Ryan Miller did everything he could to steal a game. He was simply spectacular, and the Sabres couldn't even get one lousy goal to send it to OT, where as we saw in Game 2, anything can happen.

This is just demoralizing at this point. Seeing how good this team was during the year, only to see the offense, power play, and penalty kill just absolutely collapse in this series. Game 2 saw Buffalo's first loss of the year after leading by 2 goals (they were 40-0 before that). Now Game 3 sees them get shut out for the first time since last year's East Finals.

It could have been a fun series, with the league's top 2 offenses. (Think back to the track meet in Game 1 of their series last year.) But it appears all we can hope for now is to avoid the sweep. And is this the last chance for a few years? Ryan Miller will be here for a while, but we may be seeing the last of Daniel Briere and Chris Drury as Sabres co-captains on Wednesday. I hope they are back next year.

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