My First Photo

Last fall, I posted about my Shutterpoint site, where I was attempting to sell some of my photos from California as stock photography. This week, I finally made my first sale. I don't get much money out of it. This first photo pays only for my one-year memebership, but it's the satisfaction out of knowing that my picture was nice enough for someone to pay for it. I'm not sure who bought it or what they'll use it for. It would be nice to see it in print somewhere, but I'm sure the chances are slim.

The photo that was purchased is one of my favorites and is of the Long Beach marina. I took this picture towards the end of our stay in SoCal, and it was with a simple point and shoot Canon S400 Digital Elph. I wanted to make sure I had some nice pics of the downtown area, so I took that camera with me as I rode on the bike path in Long Beach one day. This was one of the shots that I happened to get and I really like the way it turned out. Missy and I actually used it as part of our table setting at our wedding and it's now framed in our living room with some other items from our wedding day.

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