Tick. Tick. Tick

My Volvo S40 has now been been making a ticking noise for 26 straight hours. I thought it was a weird enough noise at first when it started while I was driving yesterday. But after turning the car off, the sound is still there. WTF!?! It sounds like a woodpecker, or the equivalent of a very loud turn signal, or pick your favorite analogy. Whatever it is, it won't stop and has been sounding off all night and all day since then.

So I get the fun of taking it back to the dealer on Monday morning, when it was just there on Friday for the third attempt to fix my alarm system. It's already scheduled to be at the dealer this Friday for the fourth attempt so maybe I can just go in every day. That would be fun. Ugh.

That, and I finally received my title in the mail and Volvo forgot to transfer the title from CA to NY. So, it got mailed to my current NY address, has my old NY address printed on it, but it's a CA title. Volvo may has well just sent me another copy of the title they sent me last year. You know, the title for a guy's Land Rover in TX. 'Cause that made so much more sense...

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