Mac Amazon MP3 Problems

As much as I love iTunes, I'd still prefer to download new music without DRM. So I gave Amazon's MP3 store a whirl and had some issues. Rather than writing about them here, let's just say I had the same "Failed to Connect" issues described here. While searching for help, I saw a lot of comments from people that had success, but on my Intel-based mini running Leopard, I couldn't get anything to work.

My solution to all of this was to call Amazon and have them reset my download for me. This time, however, I realized that I could simply download the MP3 file directly, rather than using the Mac version of Amazon's MP3 Downloader app that they provide (which uses .amz files that point the downloader to the correct mp3 file). Downloading this way through Safari, I had no problems and I simply ended up with the mp3 file in my downloads folder, which Leopard then copied to my iTunes archive.

So, it was a pain, but maybe I'll use this more often now that I've got it figured out. One thing that ended up being funny was my phone call with the Amazon rep. I knew he'd be a PC guy, and he confirmed this with a "We don't get a lot of Mac users calling in" comment...

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Anonymous said...

Like you said, no surprise that Amazon is staffed by PC folk. Glad to hear that you figured it out!