The New Blue Room

I finally realized I hadn't posted anything in 2 months, so I'm taking a few minutes to add some old and uninteresting information that most people who read this site already know about. But hey, new content is new content, right?

First of all, Missy and I got around to re-painting the blue room, finally getting rid of the splotchy dark blue that the previous owners left us. All I can say is that Benjamin Moore Aura paint is awesome. One coat. No primer. Done. They even had a demo in the store where they used one coat to paint bare drywall. Again, no primer. Awesome. The time savings alone makes it worth it.

To the make the room truly ours, it now has a California spin to it, complete with the second palm tree we've ever owned (if you don't count the Xmas one from Mom and Dad).

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