The Zednick Incident

We were in row 7 for the Sabres/Panthers game in which Florida forward Richard Zednick had his carotid artery slashed by a teammate's skate. It happened in the opposite corner of the rink from us, but we could clearly see the blood trail that spanned 3/4 the length of the ice. I seriously thought I had just seen a man die. The dead silence, shock, and horror in the HSBC arena is something I don't think I'll ever forget.

I'm glad to see that Zednick appears to be doing well now. But the whole incident brought back vivid memories of when I was 11, watching the SportsCenter highlights at 11pm in a dark living room of Clint Malarchuk getting his throat slashed. Why players don't wear full face shields and neck protection is beyond me.

At the time, the game didn't matter, but it was nice to see a Buffalo win after our poor record last year while attending games. And on a side note, that new HD jumbotron is pretty sweet.

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