The Orange and Black Are Finally Done

I figured I'd break out of my two month hiatus (seriously, what have I been doing with my time?) to say I'm quite happy to see the Flyers finally lose today. When you are born and raised in Western New York, it's in your blood to hate the Flyers for some reason. I think it's an actual condition recognized by the New England Journal of Medicine.

It is quite odd though how similar this year's Philly team was to Buffalo in 2006. Sucked the year before, made the playoffs when they weren't expected to, made the East Finals when they weren't expected to, had a top defenseman go down with a weird leg injury. And then for good measure, they decided to mimic the Sabres of 2007 as well. Dig a 3-0 hole in the finals before bowing out in five. Good job. And I couldn't agree with more. Danny Briere's face is on a milk carton somewhere in Philly.

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