SmugMug on iPhone

As nice as the new SmugShot app for the iPhone is for taking some quick shots, what I really want out of my SmugMug account is an interface for current pictures. I had tried their iPhone optimized site before but it didn't work well for me for two reasons. First, it didn't allow you to access pictures in albums that were password protected, which most of mine are. Second, it didn't offer a way of looking at your categories. You just got a long listing of albums in an order that didn't make sense to me.

The second was a real issue for me in finding anything, since I archive my photos using categories with date names. For instance, if I'm looking for a picture from a trip I took in 2007, I know it's in my General > 2007 category.

I suggested these updates to SmugMug, and I'm not sure when it happened, but they are both part of the mobile interface now! I don't really care about this being a native app or a iPhone optimized web app, as long as I can see the pictures I want and search for them how I want.

My iPhone doesn't have enough memory for me to carry around all the pictures I've taken, so I've often been in conversations with someone where I would want to show them a picture that related to what we are talking about. It was so hard in the past, but with the new interface, it's a breeze and exactly what I was hoping for.

This is just another tribute to SmugMug, who has shown me many times that they are on top of current technologies and can update their products in a very agile way to suit their user's needs and desires. Good job, guys!

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