The TO Experiment

It's funny how diverse the reactions have been to the Bills' signing of Terrell Owens. When Missy and I first saw the breaking news on ESPN, all I could yell was, "What!?!". I think it was just more shock than anything. I was just trying to picture TO living in Buffalo and wondering how bored he would be. Brent thinks he'll try to kill himself again halfway through the year after he realizes where he lives. Bflo Blog thinks TO will say things that make Willis McGahee look like he worked for the Chamber of Commerce. Personally, I just hope Lynch and Owens don't go on a shooting spree on Chippewa. Then they'll really have no place to go.

Most of my friends and family just sort of groaned when they heard the news. I think if you had asked me last week (or ever) if I wanted TO on my team, it would have been an emphatic "no". But after seeing it actually happen, I am actually excited. Why? They need a receiver to compliment Lee Evans and got a potentially huge player (if he holds up to his past stats) for cheaper than they would have gotten someone like Laveranues Coles. So I'm all for it. It's only a one year deal. TO has been good in the first year. I have no belief that he'll stay for more than one year or if he'll even last the whole year. But I'm okay with that.

Alot of why I'm okay with it has to do with the fact that at least the Bills are relevant again. The national media is talking about the Bills. And if Lynch miraculously avoids suspensions and Edwards doesn't get scared during a Monday night game again, the Bills offense could actually be good this year (don't we say something like this every year?). Maybe it will at least be fun to watch again, instead of boring me to sleep. I'm really excited to see if Evans and Owens, with a little Reed on the side, can destroy a defense now. Teams can't just double team Evans anymore.

And if this whole experiment blows up, what the worst thing that happens? They are simply the same sucky team they would have been without him anyways. Well, maybe the worst thing is that Chippewa shooting spree thing. But at least they are taking a shot now. And I applaud them for that.

And I have to at least ponder Missy's question: I wonder if we'll see him in the bars of Rochester during training camp?

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