My Mistress

I'm officially cheating. There I said it. I'm cheating on SmugMug with Flickr. Don't hate me.

But let me say this too before I go further. I love SmugMug. I always have, I probably always will. Sure there are some things with the service that annoy me (like that damn pop-out window when you hover over an image -- Argh!!!), but like any successful marriage, you take the good with the bad. With SmugMug, there is more good than bad, I think.

So, if I'm in love with SmugMug, why flirt with Flickr? The answer is that SmugMug has become a one-side relationship for me. I will continue to post every picture I take to SmugMug for safe keeping and for pointing my friends and family to. But I need more. I want to be a better photographer. I want people to comment on my pictures and tell me what they like or don't like. Sure, SmugMug has communities, but it's not the same as the social photo sharing monstrosity that is Flickr.

Therefore, I've decided to start posting a small subset of pics on Flickr too, just to see what becomes of it. I plan on redirecting everyone back to SmugMug for the larger versions, but hopefully this test will help me get some more exposure and improve my skill set.

If you want to check out all of the sexy, secretive details of my little affair, head on over to

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