Cinque Terre Pictures Now Available

What else can I say about the Cinque Terre that hasn't already been said? It's one of the prettiest stretches of coast line you will see, it's rustic and relaxing, has the best pesto in the world, I actually ate fresh anchovies here, and it's another place we didn't get to spend enough time (partly due to train incompetence on our part) and another place I would definitely like to go back to.

Shown here is yet another HDR panorama (can you tell it's my new favorite thing to do?) of Monterosso. One of the few things we did get to do, in between missing trains and eating said pesto/anchovies, was do the 2+ mile hike from Vernazza to Monterosso before enjoying a quick swim in the Mediterranean Sea. This HDR pan was the result of 9 individual shots off of the camera.

Cinque Terre album on SmugMug

Cinque Terre GPS track: Google Maps
Cinque Terre GPS track: Google Earth

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