Paris and Planet

I captured this picture of the Paris and Planet Hollywood casinos in Las Vegas in May 2009 while attending RailsConf. It's probably one of my favorite pics of Vegas mainly because of how cool I think the sky looks.

I didn't realize there was a name for this effect, but Scott mentioned at work this week that it is called the Blue Hour. Who knew...

Either way, I love the way the sky contrasts the bright and vivid lights from the Strip. What's even cooler about this picture? Well, it just won me a runner-up prize in a photo contest!

On a whim (I'm not even sure how I came across the ad), I submitted this picture to Fodor's "Show Us Your Las Vegas" contest. After the grand prize winner, there were 10 runner-ups in the contest so this beauty was apparently good enough to place in the top 11.

The grand prize was two free night in Vegas. Oh well. For my effort, I ended up netting two free travel guides, my picture will be posted online in a slideshow, and it may be used in a future travel guide. Not too shabby I guess.

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