Day 0: Our Queen Mary Experience

We stayed on the Queen Mary the night after our stuff got packed up. We didn't get to spend much time there since we were at Disneyland that night and had to be back at our apartment early enough to get the truck loaded. But we were there long enough to realize we didn't know how to flush the toilet (this was the Royal Suite in original 1930's decor, afterall). We almost had to call the front desk to ask for help until we finally figured it out, sort of. Anyway, it was nice to at least stay there once, but I'll take the Heavenly Beds and Shower at the Westin any other day.

Here's a pic of the old school Cold Fresh, Hot Fresh, and Hot Salt options in the tub. No, they don't work anymore. Just for looks now. Oh, and you can see the flush handle that caused us so many problems on the right as well.

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