Day 1: You Always Double Down On 11

Today's highlights from Sin City:

1. After our visit to the Anaheim-Disneyland version on Tuesday, we continued our ESPN Zone cross-country tour at the NY-NY Casino. And all we have to show for it is another heartbreaking sports loss for the city of Buffalo. Seriously, somebody from this city has to win something someday.

2. Our new townhouse will eventually be toasted will a newly purchased six pack of Romulan Ale, acquired at the once again entertaining Quark's Promendade restaurant at the Hilton Las Vegas (gotta love those Warp Core Breaches -- might tasty). Nate and Jeremy be warned. You will get a bottle. I can't drink all six, seeing as it's just Coors Light with blue food coloring.

3. Missy and I successfully paid for our Queen Mary stay the other night (and then some) with a few hands of blackjack at the Hilton. Mistyblue up 130, Atrain up 110. Sweetness.

4. Jim biffed it in the middle of the night and cracked his head open on the nightstand or something. His reward: a trip to the ER with a line so long that he eventually left without getting any treatment. He was okay in the end (no stitches or staples required) but did end up wearing some head bandages that the paramedics game him all day at the Grand Canyon. They made it look like he was wearing either a white turban or one of those little under helmet wraps that NFL linebackers wear.

And for good measure, a pic of the ESPN Zone at NY-NY that did us no good for Game 7. I guess it's at least somewhat fitting though that we stayed at NY-NY on our road trip back to the Empire State. Next stop, Grand Canyon.

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Edward Ott said...

coors light with blue food dye, have to remember that one.