Day 4: Delicate Arch

After six years of kicking myself for not being able to do the Delicate Arch hike in Arches NP, I finally got to do it and get the pictures I was after. We spent a good portion of the morning in the park before starting our drive to Denver, which is basically our last stop on our trip before we start making a mad dash across the country.

It's probably best that I got the pictures of Delicate Arch now instead of six years ago, since now I've got hi-res digital versions that I can blow up into wall posters or something. Regardless, it was quite a fulfilling feeling to finally step around the last bend on the trail and see the arch from this vantage point for the first time. I've seen it so many times on so many websites and in so many photo galleries. But there's nothing like seeing it in person and getting your own pictures.

Expect many more shots like this when I get everything uploaded to my Kodak Gallery. And there should be several QTVRs as well.

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