Wedding Pictures Now Online

I just finished re-posting all of the professional wedding pictures to my Kodak Gallery page. You can get to that new page via the new link on my Photos page or by using the direct link here. By viewing the pictures through my Kodak Gallery instead of Pictage, you'll get a much larger preview image, pictures organized by time, and cheaper prices for printing. I'm sure there are some nice features on Pictage that you can't get on Kodak (nicer boarders, etc.), so I've left the link to that site listed below.

Since I have all of the digital originals, let me know if you find any pictures that you'd really like to have and I can try to send them to you. Enjoy!

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The professional photographs from the wedding are now available for viewing here. If for some reason the link doesn't work, just head on over to and enter 232376 for the event ID. Note that you'll probably have to register at the site in order to view the images or order any prints.

Thanks again to Doug Lloyd for the outstanding job he did photographing our wedding day.


Anonymous said...


I think my favorite picture was you with the Ipod. I'm surprised more pictures didn't feature Apple products. You could have snuck a few IMacs into the background.


Aaron Reichman said...

If you had brought your iMac to the wedding, I would have put it next to the cake or something.

I'll make sure I order you a 20x30 poster print of me and my iPod. You can put in Ana's room. :)