Chris, Danny? Meet Mike.

I'll be brief, since these guys don't deserve any more at this point. I think Chris Drury and Daniel Briere have joined Michael Peca as Sabres captains that have officially become sellouts to the city of Buffalo, their teammates, and all Sabres fans around the globe. All of the talk the last two seasons about how they were a team, not a group of individuals? That's all gone when you run at the first chance to sign a contract that will pay you $10 million next year.

Apparently two Eastern finals in two years, becoming officially dubbed "Hockeytown", and playing for a city where the fans adore the ground you walk on isn't enough any more. I hope you guys have tears in your eyes when Buffalo finally raises the Cup and you aren't on the ice to celebrate.

After letting it all sink in for a day or two now, maybe it wasn't completely a case of these guys selling out. I'm sure the Sabres organization is partially to blame for this as well. But it still hurts, like this article on ESPN, says, it hurts like a kick in the groin. It's also like a bad breakup, I guess. Now does anyone believe?

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