Death By Duffs, With An iPhone For Dessert

We finally tried out the wings at Duffs in Buffalo on Friday to celebrate Matthew's 30th. For some reason I thought I was still in college and ate 20 wings, some fries, and large tub of blue cheese. Big mistake. My stomach, among other body parts, thoroughly kicked my ass for that one. They were pretty good, but I still claim the Anchor Bar offers up the best wings in Buffalo.

For dessert, Matthew and I both bought iPhones. 10pm at the Apple Store Walden Galleria, no waiting, no line. Sucks that I wasted 45 mins in line at at AT&T store early and came up empty handed. I was gonna write more about it here, but my bro apparently beat me to it. The only thing he left out? The reps at the AT&T store were bastards.

Now if only I hadn't been told in church today that I've got the wrong priorities in life for buying one of these...

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