Boldly Gone...

Well, I guess I won't be getting any more Warp Core Breaches. Or James Tea Kirks. Or any more Phaser Shots. Or any more Romulan Ale. Son of a...

This Monday, The Star Trek Experience in Las Vegas will be closing for good. You can read all the details about it here. Personally, I think it's a shame.

Yes, it's an absolutely geeky thing to do. But where else can you immerse yourself into the world of this American icon? The restaurant and casino were a blast (Missy, Mel, and I all won big money there -- Jim lost big) and the tour is amazing. I still think the simulation of being beamed to the bridge of the Enterprise was one of the coolest things I've ever experienced. Seriously, how did they make that feel so real?

If I were still living in SoCal, I'd totally drive there this weekend for one last round of drinks. Oh well. Vegas just won't be the same. If you are interested, here's a few pics I took during our two visits there:

Gallery #1 | Gallery #2

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