Blog Updates

I finally got bored with my old blog theme so I went ahead and made some changes here. I really liked the Cosmic theme for RapidWeaver that Elixir Graphics created, so I crammed it into Blogger and voila! I plan on updating my few remaining RapidWeaver pages (mainly just QTVR movies, etc.) at a later date so I'm glad this theme worked okay for me.

Other than the new theme, there are a few subtle changes. For one, the search bar is static at the top of the page, even when you scroll. It's more for my benefit than anything, but now all of the main site pages are always accessible. Second, while I haven't published them yet, I plan on adding a few more links to the sidebar to highlight my pictures, especially my iPhone pics. Lastly, there's a snazzy new WebClip icon for the site, in case you want to save it your iPhone/iPod Touch home screen. Again, mostly for my benefit, but cool nonetheless.

Enjoy the new look!

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