Watching the third period of tonight's Sabres-Red Wings game was like watching a 20 minute power play for Detroit.  The Wings were a vastly superior team compared to the Sabres, with Ryan Miller being the only reason the Sabres were in the game at all.  Here's a general synopsis of the game:

Detroit gets the puck.  Detroit controls the puck in the Buffalo zone for 2 minutes.  Buffalo gets the puck but their clearing attempts get blocked and Detroit maintains the zone.  Miller makes (45!) spectacular saves.  Buffalo gets the puck eventually and dumps it to the Detroit end because their guys are gassed. Detroit gets the puck and controls the puck in the Buffalo zone for 2 minutes...

Sprinkle in the occasional 2-on-1 that the Sabres can't capitalize on, add a complete collapse with 3 minutes left in the game to give up any chance of a point, and you get the idea. Ugh.  Remember when the Sabres were in the East Finals two years in a row?  Yeah, that was fun.  This is not.

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