Santa Margherita Pictures Now Available

Next up in the Italian photo-fest is Santa Margherita. We took a train from Venice through Milan down to the Italian Riviera and stayed here for three nights. Santa Margherita was a nice place to stay, since it provided easy train access to the Cinque Terre while being close to Portofino, which we might otherwise have missed.

Shown here is another HDR panorama, this time comprised of 18 raw shots off of the camera. I think this may be my favorite picture from the entire trip. I just love the wide perspective this shot (taken from the balcony of our hotel room) gives of the morning sun rising over the harbor. Although I do wish the clouds were a little whiter. I think some of this is due to the HDR processing, but they were a little grey in the original shots too.

Santa Margherita album on SmugMug

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