Venice Pictures Now Available

After spending way too much time processing pictures (I guess that's what happens when you take 1800 of them...), I'm happy to say that I've started posting pictures from our recent trip to Italy.

First up is Venice. All I can say is that I've never had so much fun walking around and getting lost. (Most of the getting lost part was trying to find the church/library from Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade.) You think you know what to expect from movies and seeing pictures online, etc. but it was very different seeing it in person. In many ways, it's still hard to imagine that a place like this even exists. Seeing a city built completely on the water was very surreal.

I think we got lucky, in that we visited during the week instead of a weekend so the crowds were much smaller. I can see why people would not enjoy it though if they visited during a hot crowded summer day, that's a shame. I think the city has a wide variety of site seeing options and we had a blast and would definitely like to go back sometime.

Pictured here is an HDR panorama from the balcony of Basilica di San Marco. It's a blend of 27 individual shots off the camera, combined using Photomatix (to make the HDRs) and Photoshop CS4 (to make the panorama). If you want to take a peek at all of the geotagged photo goodness from Venice or view the GPS tracklog of where we wandered, here's a few links:

Venice album on SmugMug

Venice GPS track: Google Maps
Venice GPS track: Google Earth

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