My Kodak Gallery to SmugMug Transition

I've officially moved over my photo archive to SmugMug. So long Kodak Gallery. I had tried to stay with Kodak for so long, probably out of some last bit of loyalty to the company I once worked for. But I just couldn't do it anymore. Maybe it was the lack of Mac support. Maybe it was the lack of new and cool features. Or maybe it was just the poor customer service that failed to address my RSS problem.

Regardless, I'm now sharing my photos on SmugMug and I've been happy so far. Their customer service has been outstanding, to the point where I've gotten responses to questions within five minutes of sending the email. I couldn't get that kind of help from Kodak even after mentioning that I still technically work in a Kodak-owned building! And the features on SmugMug seem a lot cooler. I wish they'd fix the memory leak in the uploader, but hey, at least they acknowledge the problem and reiterate that they are Mac users too. So I'm happy. I haven't printed anything yet, but I did print my panorama of McWay Falls directly from EZ Prints (which SmugMug uses as their print service) before so I'm not expecting problems there. Actually, that print was a little dark, but I think that was my problem so I'll let it slide for now.

If you want to check out the new site (which looks like the rest of my site, again, something I couldn't accomplish with Kodak), head on over to As of this posting, the Kodak Gallery page has been disabled, so you'll need to use the SmugMug galleries from here on out.


Andy Williams said...

Hi, many thanks for the kind words! We are in fact, working on the Mac Uploader more and will try to nail that issue. Just making sure you know that you can use the Univ Drag and Drop as well with your Mac? If we can be of service, you know how to reach us :)

All the best,


Aaron Reichman said...

Hi Andy, and thanks for the response. Yep, I've been using the Drag and Drop uploader at times, along with smaller upload chunks on the Mac uploader to avoid the memory issue. The batch mode feature is the best part of that tool, so I'm eager for the update.

With PictureSync 2 coming out soon, any chance you guys will be including a "sync album" feature to match that functionality? That would really be handy.